Weight reduction of a dog step by step

Obesity is a disease of civilization suffers from it more and more people. Sorry disease affects more frequently as pets: dogs and cats, especially those living in cities.


The main causes of the emergence of obesity in dogs is the lack of appropriate dose of movement, overfeeding and improper nutrition. Obesity also can occur in older dogs whose metabolism is no longer such fast food and the dose is not adjusted to the changing needs of the dog. Sometimes obesity is the result of illness or taking certain medications. It also happens that obesity is a genetic predisposition.

Overweight or obesity

At the beginning of the dog's weight loss should be determined if our pet is overweight or already obese. Overweight we have to do when the dog's body weight exceeds 5% of normal weight, obesity and occurs when the body weight exceeds 20% of normal.

Additional indicators to facilitate the diagnosis are also a considerable amount of body fat, rounded belly, poorly palpable ribs, little marked waist.

See the vet

Do not lose weight the dog yourself. To do this, go to the veterinarian or nutritionist for dogs, which will examine the degree of obesity, exclude potential diseases and ailments, check if there are no contraindications to weight loss.

Proper pet food

Pet food, which should be to lose weight should be, above all, less caloric. There are market ready food type of light. They contain less calories and L-carnitine, lecithin, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids that promote weight loss process. food also protect the joints of dogs overloaded due to the content of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

Weight loss is a gradual process. You should not lose weight the animal suddenly as it may cause problems with the liver and kidneys. A dog with sudden changes may also become aggressive, look for other food sources, and can also move less.

Fixed times of feeding and no fattening

Important weight loss dog are fixed mealtimes. The animal gets used to eat at a certain time, just adjusts his body. Excluded is the feeding of the dog. You should also be careful that the dog does not snuck eat other animals, if they have.

Physical activity

Besides diet, in weight loss process plays a significant role physical activity. The appropriate dose of movement: running, swimming, jumping, and fetching pet will burn excess fat. The movement also has a beneficial effect on the heart, muscle, cardiovascular system and joints. Be sure to adjust the pace of play area for the possibilities and the state of health of the dog.