How to choose a good food for your tetrapod

Regardless of whether we own a dog or cat choice of feed on the market is very large from the cheap bought in stores after the food expensive, they bought only by representatives, or the Internet. We advise is what to look for when buying food.

Label will tell you the truth

When buying food, whether it is for a cat or dog the most important thing we need to pay attention to the label. And it is not, of course, its appearance and the information contained herein concerning the nutrient feed.

At the outset, it is worth noting that the lower the price the lower the quality. Unfortunately, buying food in supermarkets do not provide our animals sufficient doses of nutrients they need. It is worth checking the label feed to choose for them what is best.

Cheap food = poor quality?

Both dogs and cats are naturally carnivores. Their digestive system is adapted so to digest meat. Unfortunately, cheap food available on the market do not contain too much meat. Reading labels can easily see how much is the percentage of meat in the pet food. Often, they are products of animal origin. Attention is drawn to the ingredients listed in the first place, because of the feed is possible. Unfortunately, it often manufacture feed list separately each grain that is contained in the food. After combining all of them, unfortunately, often several times higher than the percentage of grain meat content.

Cereals, ie. Wheat, corn, soybeans do not necessarily have a positive impact on the health of our pets. Wheat for example. Can cause allergies, bad for the condition of the skin and hair. Corn generally has a low nutritional value - a filler. All of these cereals also contain gluten, which is very ciężkostrawny carnivore and can cause digestive problems and skin.

The most important is the meat

Meat is the most important ingredient in food for animals. High-quality feed are high in meat, and the necessary ingredients i.e. .: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

Carnivorous animals most in need of protein of animal origin. It is in fact the basic building blocks of muscles, organs and skin. Vegetable proteins, in turn, are a source of essential amino acids.

Go for a quality

When buying food for the pet should be guided by its composition and not the price and availability. Buying good quality food, we are sure that the animal receives food all I need his body. Choosing a higher quality feed, although it is expensive to save, since the animal will eat less because it is rich in essential nutrients.

Where to buy a good pet food?

High-quality food we buy in pet stores or on the websites of manufacturers of food. These stores have a wide selection of food often adapted from the special needs of our pooches. The stationary stores can also consult or advice on feeding your dog or cat. Also note that you should not buy the food on weight, because the wind quickly and loses its valuable components.