Problem of obesity in dogs

Problems with obesity have more and more of our domestic pets. This problem concerns especially dogs. There are many reasons for its formation, but in most cases it can be prevented.


Some dogs have a predisposition to gain weight because of gender or race. Dogs also get fat with age, because it decreases their need for calories and diet does not change, as well as post-operative castration or sterilization. Most, however, these animals get fat by the negligence of the owners. Lack of proper dose of traffic, the administration treats, too many meals throughout the day and the amount and type of food contributes to obesity. Obesity can be the result of various diseases, such as. Hypothyroidism.


This treatment significantly increases the risk of obesity. After the sterilization treatment of metabolic changes occur that result in the deposition of the fabric fat. Females who have undergone this procedure have a much higher risk of obesity than dogs subjected to this treatment.

Bad habits

The main cause of obesity in dogs are pet owners. Too much food, too frequent meals, food unsuited to the needs of individual students the dog, feeding dog food also "from the table". All these factors make the dog consumes too many calories than they burn. We must also remember that the food that people eat is often not adapted to the needs of the dog: it contains too much salt and fat, too little meat, etc.

First signs of obesity

In a situation where in our animal are poorly palpable ribs, lack outlined waistline, the dog has difficulty walking or slow, no longer sleeps, or has a worse mood means it has a weight problem. In this case, you may visit the veterinarian or nutritionist for dogs.

Effects of obesity

Obesity, as well as in humans, has its side effects. Excessive obesity in animals causes hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, hearing loss, joint disease

and bone complications during surgery. Excessive obesity also significantly reduces the life expectancy of a dog.

As a result, the internal organs of the animal obesity are excessively greasy, which can lead to renal failure, liver and intestinal disorders. Additional weight increase the risk of developing diabetes and reduce resistance to disease.

What to do?

To our dog escaped obesity should watch his diet and ensure it is appropriate for his needs dose of traffic. Animals of all ages, or diseases have different needs for nutrients. The dog should also eat at fixed times of the day in the amount specified. Ideally, the portion was weighed. With diet should also avoid people food.