Nutrition of pregnant and lactating females

Pregnant and lactating bitches have increased demand for certain nutrients such as vitamins, macro and micro elements also for energy. Their food in this period needs to be properly balanced.

Prior the pregnancy

Future mother needs to be properly nourished. Thanks to this, both the mother and the puppies will have more chance to survive. To increase the chance to get pregnant it is worth to give increased amounts of protein and calories. This will positively influence on the production of oocytes and the quality of the uterus' mucous membrane.

Period of pregnancy

Pregnancy lasts about 60 days. Nutrition should contain all nutrients and minerals essential for proper functioning of the body. In second period of pregnancy the fetus starts to grow fast that is why future mother has higher demand for building substances. Body mass of a pregnant bitch should increase around 20%. Food in large amounts should be served gradually. Just before giving a birth female may not want to eat a lot. All due to lack of space in abdomen cavity. In case of problems with excretion, may be necessary to give a spoon of paraffin or fish oil which improve work of intestines.

Diet during lactation

Lactating female has increased demand for proteins, even couple of times. Meals need to be divided into several portions for the body to optimally use the nutrients. Food also should be highly caloric as the birth and lactation require a lot of energy.

Supporting dietary supplements

Diet for pregnant and lactating bitches should be rich in vitamins and other dietary ingredients. For example, vitamin A is responsible for production of progesterone which is responsible for keeping the pregnancy and puppies immunity after birth. It can be found in liver, eggs, dairy products, carrots and tomatoes.

Vitamins from group B ensure proper fertility and also growth and good composition of blood. They are mainly present in yeast and liver. Vitamin E is strong antioxidant that is why it is responsible for protection of heart, liver and plays big role in metabolism and hormonal regulation. This vitamin is present in eggs, nuts and green veggies.

Diet of pregnant and lactating females can not miss iron, calcium, zinc, copper, selenium or phosphorus. Deficiency of this ingredients may lead even to disability, anaemia, it may increase threat to puppies lives and also can cause birth problems.

Composition of a diet

Diet can not miss meat, vegetables, oils, dairy products, eggs, yeast. All these ingredients are essential for proper functioning of pregnant and lactating bitches. However, diet should be set up individually together with veterinarian or pet dietician. He will introduce necessary amendments for the pet to enjoy good health for long.