We select a dry pet food

Through a wide range of dry feed on the market, owners are quadrupeds increasing dilemmas associated with the choice of proper food. On the packaging of reading the food we find a lot of ingredients, but rare is the information about the percentage of the component.

Basic composition

A significant number of dry feed is produced from cereals and other crops. Dogs and cats, however, are carnivores and their digestive systems are not adapted to such food. The pet food such as dogs and cats can also be found protein, fats. The vegetable protein is digested less than meat derived protein, also contains less amino acids.

What should a pet food contain of?

First of all, it should contain meat. Meat should be an essential component of food. The feeds are often grain. This is because they are cheap, and not because the animals need them. Meat and fats contained in the food should be described, namely: the source from which they come. Avoid food, which appear inscriptions: "meat", "poultry", etc. Well if the food contained fruits or vegetables as a substitute for cereals. This increases because the nutritional value of food and its quality.

What to avoid?

Avoid feed that contain a large amount of flour plant, artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or meats indeterminate origin. Some manufacturers of dry forages not indicate on the label of artificial preservatives contained in fish products that they use, but do not produce them. The feeds should instead look for information on the use of ocean fish, because these do not contain artificial preservatives.

Separation of the composition of food

The separation of the components is a common maneuver used by feed producers. The labels in the first place are mentioned ingredients, which is the highest. Manufacturers therefore separate the grain on individual species to the buyer does not know that the majority of food fillers instead of meat and nutrients you need.

The labels can be found in the form of chicken chicken, chicken meal and chicken fat, whether in the form of rice bran, rice, flour, etc. Manufacturers often do not give the amount of the ingredient in the food, so you should add up each type of component. Therefore, seeing the first chicken or chicken meal does not lapse into enthusiasm. If three or four components of the meat to cereals, the high probability of cereals in feed is more than meat, and our pets are not herbivores.

When choosing food for your dog or cat we have to be careful and not to trust advertising flattering given food. Read the label !! food of good quality are more expensive, but the health of our pets is priceless.