Feline diet – what to avoid

There is much talk in which nutrients should be rich feline diet, but forget about the products, which should not eat cats. These are products that are not recommended for cats and should be avoided. Ensure that you are feeding your cat.

Products not required in feline diet

Cats should not eat pork, raw egg whites, vegetables, onion, bones, milk, offal and liver in large quantities, smoked fish, raw, niesparzonego meat, spiced dishes, sweets, food for dogs and stimulants human, ie. Coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and soda and water. Some such products and their effects on the cat's body worth a closer look.


Pork may have a dangerous virus and cause Aujeszky disease that for the cat is always fatal. A typical symptom is a strong itching, which leads to self-harm. Cooked pork does not reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Eggs and onions

These products have a negative effect on the stomach of a cat. Consuming protein by a cat can cause problems with skin and hair, bulb vegetables but also badly affect the red blood cells and can lead to anemia.

Poultry bones

Administration is also dangerous to the bone, especially poultry. They are brittle and easy to break, because they can damage the digestive tract cat or contribute to tooth fracture.


Cow's milk should drink only small kittens, cats are pregnant or nursing. Most cats did not tolerate lactose contained in cow's milk, which may lead to diarrhea, which in turn dehydration.


Feed your cat with offal is not dangerous, but too frequent administration may cause ailments of the digestive system, ie. Constipation, diarrhea, vomiting.


These smoked and those from the cans are not good. Ordinary fish should be cooked before serving to get rid of it thiaminazine that destroys thiamine in the body cat, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. Too frequent use of fish cat may also contribute to the formation of crystals and bladder stones.

Raw meat

Raw meat cat as much as possible should be given. It is the food most similar to the natural. However, it is worth to freeze out the meat before serving or scalded with boiling water. Thus avoid infection, parasites and viruses.

Eating the table remaining

The cat should not give up eating human. Because it contains too much salt and spices that harm cats that destroy the digestive system and kidney of the animal.


Sweets and other stimulants typically human are harmful to the large quantities to humans, let alone animals. Cats do not distinguish between sweet taste, so the cat does not have the pleasure of eating sweet products. Additionally, chocolate, particularly bitter, is toxic to cats increases the risk of tooth decay and obesity.


You should also remember not to give your cat dog food because it contains a different balance of nutrients, the food should be fresh, the right temperature, not to mention the drinks for humans.