Proper weight of a cat

Proper body weight, whether it be a cat or a dog demonstrates his good health. Being overweight or underweight animal can contribute to many diseases and illnesses that can even be life-threatening.

The problem of obesity is increasingly common in domestic animals. Obesity is a disease causing inter alia the accumulation of excessive body fat. Some animals because of their age, sex, medical history, whether castration surgery are more prone to weight gain than others. The most vulnerable are older animals, after surgery sterilization, living only in the home.

Inadequate diet and lack of activity

Obesity can affect animals whose owners not properly take care of their diet. Administration treats, food from the table between meals, not designate specific times of the diet contributes to scooping the dog or cat unnecessary fat. Another factor which influences the development of obesity is insufficient traffic. The animal does not have to burn calories, which excess is accumulated in the adipose tissue.

Consequences of improper body weight

Underweight and overweight can contribute to the appearance of many diseases, and even death of the animal. The consequences of obesity in domestic animals can be disease, i.e.. Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, liver degeneration. Obese animal can not move freely, so there are no big opportunities to burn calories. Therefore, it is decreasing the quality of life of our pet.

Take action

If you notice your pet at the first signs of overweight, obesity or underweight, we must take certain steps. Do not do anything yourself. You have to go to the veterinarian for diagnosis, testing whether the animal is sick, and determine an appropriate, balanced diet for him.

BMI Calculator

At the very beginning of our doubts about the seriousness of our pet you need to use a BMI calculator. It contains typical values for a particular race in adulthood. It does not include the weight of young animals. Differences in weight depend on individual characteristics dog or cat. If the calculator indicates overweight or underweight should consult your veterinarian or pet nutritionist. Too high or too low body weight of the animal may indicate health problems, or an incorrect diet, which in turn may lead to various diseases and symptoms in your pet.