Poor eating cat

Cats are gourmands. They could eat all the time, as soon as they smell something. However, it happens that cats lose their appetite and stop eating. Longer refusing food for a cat can cause serious health problems in the animal.

Causes for lack of an appetite

The reasons why the cat can be many. They are divided mainly into two categories: health and behavioural. Lack of appetite in such a gourmand can be the first symptom of the disease. If you observe this ailment should go to the veterinarian.

The most common symptoms when the cat refuses to eat it: deposits of hair in the digestive system. This is a serious problem that can cause constipation and bloating. When the suspect at our cat hairball should give him a paste Coat Supplements or paraffin oil. You can also plant a cat grass, which provokes vomiting.

A major reason for not eating a cat are parasites, intestinal obstruction, viral disease, a bacterial infection. Anorexia may also be a reaction to the vaccination, but in this case the appetite returns the very first days after vaccination. The cat will not have a desire for food when it passed poisoning both the respiratory and digestive organs, and when his mouth will be painful erosions. In this situation, the cat will not eat the sensation of pain when eating.

In summary, if our cat stops eating without clear noticeable reasons should be reported to a veterinarian to examine a cat and a diagnosis of any disease. If in addition to the lack of appetite observe any additional symptoms, eg. On the part of the digestive tract or excretory we have to intervene.

Behavioural causes

Cats may refuse food for reasons other than health. Some cats do not you just are fussy. Used to feed one will criticize and noses to change the food. Therefore, these changes should be carried out gradually. Cat's diet should also diversifies from the moment she weaned him mother.

Our pet can not eat if it is in the mating season. At this time, cat food is not attractive, it has other priorities. To prevent this, it is worth sterilize a cat. Thus we avoid the various diseases and a swarm of cats

and select the site by males. Animals may not have the appetite after illnesses or surgery.

The current situation in the life of a cat can also be the cause of not eating. Changing environment, additional animal in the house, the cat did not know, a long separation from the owner may be reasons for stress in the animal by which refuses to eat. Even refurbishment or change of cuvette can be stressful for your cat.


Starvation in the cat longer than 2-3 days can be dangerous for him. It can damage the liver, which in turn can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, and even death of the cat! When we notice that our little friend did not eat anything for two days let us go to the vet for diagnosis reasons for the lack of appetite.