A cat does eat dry cat food - tips

Cats tend to be picky. They have their favorite food and the other did not even try. It is a cat diversify the menu due to a variety of nutrients in the food, whether dry or wet.

Poor feline menu

Animal accustomed to one type of food he will eat the other, because it will accept only that which knows. In addition, the uniform diet, eg. Only raw meat, poultry cat will not provide all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Poor menu may also lead to many diseases. When a cat it only soft food is exposed more to the formation of tartar.

Many owners pamper their pets. Seeing that the cat does not eat the food, gives him a favorite delicacies. The cat learns then that not eating what is in the bowl gets what he likes most. In this way, the cat learns that always gets what he wants.

Quality of cat food

Cats are often fed a diet of poor quality. They are good for the animal, because in their composition are additives, which makes the cat from eating just the food. food However, these contain little needed nutrients and most grains and fillers.

Feeding the cat with such food we can put the cat health problems.

Food change – how to do that?

When our cat does not want to eat food (whether it's wet or dry) at the beginning must unlearn it and rant wybrzydzania. This is best done when the cat is small. Older cats already have their habits that difficult to change.

Food changed gradually by adding small portions of solid feed. Crisp should soften under the influence of moisture. With time, we add more dry food, and reduce the amount of wet food. It should be of good quality.

You can also dry food watered with water from the chicken and serve with pieces of meat and gradually reduce the amount of meat. Both methods can also be used to change the feed producer.

A feline riot or a disease?

Cats are stubborn and can change the food react not eating new food, and even fasting. In the first case, you have to be patient, because it is time prank. If fasting is not so simple. When a cat does not eat food 2 to 3 days could have a disastrous effect on cat health, including changes in the liver.

Our pet may not want to eat dry food also because of mouth ulcers or irritated gums. Then eating a hard, dry food causes him pain when biting. We look at carefully whether our cat is not sick. If so let us go with him to the vet.

When changing food, remember the basic rule - it should be done gradually. Radical changes in diet can lead to digestive disorders, especially in young animals.