Castration versus feline diet

Cats that have undergone a treatment of castration and female cats after sterilization have different nutritional needs than animals, which did not have this surgery. Be sure to enter in their cats a new diet that will ensure the proper functioning of their bodies.

Demand for calories

Animals after surgery of castration / sterilization have released metabolism. They burn calories more slowly, so their food must be low in calories. Thus we prevent overweight and obesity, which often occurs in them.

Top quality food

Feed cats undergoing this treatment must be of good quality. It should contain all the ingredients that will provide him the proper functioning and supplement vitamin deficiencies, but also will protect against certain diseases which are more vulnerable. For example: food for cats sterilized should contain a balanced amount of minerals, ie., Magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium, as those in too high doses can contribute to the formation of crystals and stones in the urinary tract. It should also be rich in vitamins, minerals, and especially in a good quality protein, unsaturated fats, amino acids and carbohydrates.

Basic nutritional rules

First of all, food should be less caloric due to the tendency to gain weight in cats sterilized. It involves a slow metabolism and reduced the need for physical activity. food should contain less fat, which eliminates the delights of the feline diet. If the cat goes out and has many possibilities of movement is not necessary to limit calorie diet cat. All this is dependent on individual lifestyle and needs of the cat.

Cats neutered / spayed are more prone to diseases of the urinary tract. Therefore, the food should contain an appropriate amount of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and sodium as these minerals contribute to the formation of stones and certain diseases of the respiratory tract. So a balanced diet will help keep the cat in a healthy condition of health.

Important additives

Good quality food for sterilized cats also contains additives that improve the functioning of the body after surgery the cat castration. The components of such include, inter alia, L-carnitine, which speeds up the metabolism of the cat and can quickly burn fat. food also contain special ingredients that support the proper functioning of the urinary tract.