Problem of obesity in cats

Increasingly, you can meet the problem of obesity in indoor cats. The causes are many, but can be prevented.

Causes of obesity in cats

Obesity in cats occurs when the weight of his body is at least 15% more than it should. Obese cats have problems with walking and movement, they have no perceptible ribs or outlined waistline. The most common causes of obesity in cats is not sufficient dose of movement and poor diet. Eg. The cats sterilized, find themselves on the outside, or having any disease have different energy needs than young, healthy cats. Animal downloading calories from food is not where they burn and thus accumulate fat.

Additional weight in cats also appear when they are inadequately fed. Feeding the cat between meals, giving snacks, failing to grant the regular hours of the diet contributes to obesity. Sterilized cats who eat traditional food also will gain weight. The nutritional needs of these cats are different than cats not so treated.

Health consequences

Overweight and obesity in both humans and animals brings health consequences. Obesity considerably increases the risk of heart disease in cats, hepatitis, arthritis and most of all diabetes.

We reduce cat's weight

Successful weight loss cat combines the change in behavior, exercise and dietary changes. Using these three components will succeed in reducing the fat reserves of the body cat.

The cat should be at set times and in sufficient quantity. In turn, the food must be of good quality, balanced and appropriate in terms of individual cat. With a cat is to be eliminated administration of food from the table. Keep in mind that cats obese, do not starve yourself, as this can even lead to death of the cat. They are commercially available low calorie food - they are intended for cats with problems of excess weight.

An important aspect of weight loss cat is sufficient dose of traffic. Playing with the cat in the house even let the cat to burn excess calories. A good solution is adopting another cat. Then the cat with a companion certainly will not be bored.

Cat must show interest and love and take care of it, not slept the whole day. The cat, who jumps and runs out is a happier pet, and we are the way we can spend some time anti-stress in the company of a cat.

Consultancy with a veterinarian

When issues with the weight of our cat should report on the consultation to the vet or nutritionist for cats. He will prescribe the appropriate food, advise, examine whether the cat is something ill, or have any of the first consequences of obesity. Slimming pet may take several months, but it is worth to take the challenge for the sake of our little friend.